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Autumn Wishlist

Autumn is FINALLY here!!! Unlike many people I'm sure, I am actually excited for autumn. Yes, yes, I'm one of those people who l...

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London Fashion Week

London Fashion week has come and gone so here I am with a summary of a few of my favourite designs. The fashion houses have all released such beautiful creations this year and so I just had to share some with you!

1// Burberry

Ok, so I'm sure everyone has heard of this world renowned fashion house and if you haven't well...are you Patrick Star? are you currently residing under a rock? This year, the British brand went for dark, autumnal colours with a few neutral pieces. What I loved the most about this collection was the patterns it featured and how the patterns were worn with each other. So although the colours may seem too obvious for autumn, the patterns give off a sense of nostalgia which I love.

2// Bora Aksu

As opposed to Burberry, Bora Aksu went in the direction of much lighter apparel but then also a few black pieces which give a nice contrast within the whole collection. I love how Aksu has seen A/W from a different perspective. He seems to have developed a signature which is also made very apparent in this collection "romantic" but "with a darker twist".

3// Ashley Williams

I'm getting a punk-rock vibe from this collection and I am totally loving it! I also like how casual and laid back the apparel is compared to most at fashion shows and the tomboy style is directly down my alley. A lot of her designs are formal clothing (such as satin skirts) along with casual oversized t-shirts, a great mix!

4// Simone Rocha

Florals and mesh, what more could you want? Her take on 'floral' is just the right amount that you need for the autumn season without overdoing it too much. Black and white floral gives it a more sophisticated look and the mesh makes the apparel look a lot more airy and elegant.


5// Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell is clearly interested in men's shirts and she puts her own spin on them while still maintaining the appearance of a man's shirt. In other words, she makes the shirt less traditional looking and more laid back in a sense and shows us that women can wear men's clothing and it would still look pretty damn amazing! I suggest you check out the catwalk video of this collection as I found this to be the most interesting. It also appeared as though the models were imitating men as they walked down the catwalk which backs up the idea of women wearing mens clothes.

6// Sharon Wauchob

I love the neutral but also metallic colours that Sharon Wauchob used in this collection along with a few embellished pieces.


Timothy 1:7


Autumn Wishlist

Autumn is FINALLY here!!!

Unlike many people I'm sure, I am actually excited for autumn. Yes, yes, I'm one of those people who loves wearing darker clothes, layers, darker nights, hot chocolate, colourful autumn leaves, the whole lot. But I'll save talking about all of this for another post.
There are so many autumnal clothing items that I've recently been loving so I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you. I know some of you may be thinking "but autumn isn't until the 22nd September..." and all I can say is that the meteorological autumn season starts on the 1st September. Today it really felt like autumn so that's the reason for me publishing this post.

Boxy quilted overcoat //Forever 21

Sheer swiss dot dress //Forever 21

BDG Jumbo cord pencil skirt //Urban Outfitters

Velvet v-neck cami //Urban Outfitters

Numbers 6:24-26


Paris, je t'aime

So I'm finally uploading a few of my Paris photos! Paris is such a beautiful, beautiful city and I'm sad I didn't take more photos than I did. I highly recommend going to Paris as there's just so much to see and do. The food is delicious and the casual sidewalk café's make you feel like you're in a movie. From the Eiffel tower to the Notre Dame, Paris is a city for everyone.

First stop, the Eiffel tower

And up we went!

The Parisian buildings are literal works of art

Check out my last post for my Disneyland Paris adventures

Psalms 46:10


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