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Dear Winter, Thanks

So I guess that Winter has finally clocked that we are kinda over it now. Yay for warmer weather!
In honour of the somewhat warmer weather, I thought I'd accumulate a bunch of images that will hopefully inspire you guys for the Spring time.

Warning: this post is very picture heavy. Trust me. You will have an inspiration flood

Now as you can see, many of the clothes are dark and not light/pastel colours that I assume some of you may have expected. The reason in my doing so is because I don't think that just because its Spring, we should all now wear pastel colours. There are also many images that feature lighter coloured clothes as Spring is a time when colour is being introduced back into the world. I believe that is mainly seen through nature. So the trees that are gaining their green leaves back and the flowers that are blossoming. So I think that this has an impact on the way we dress. Although the pastel colours may suit the warmer weather, Spring hasn't shown its full potential yet so it's still very cold even though the sun has decided to grace us with more of its warm presence. These are outfits and that I also think are trending at the moment. Lately I've seen a lot of people wearing ripped jeans- and I mean A LOT. Generally, I see a lot of people wearing dark coloured clothes but then spicing the outfit up with bright and colourful accessories. Sadly, its still not warm enough to wear dresses and skirts without tights and various other layers here in England. 

All in all, Spring, thanks for finally showing your face....well at least half of it.

Disclaimer: Images are not my own. Tumblr: defined-peace



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