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I hope you all had a great Easter! But don't forget the real reason we celebrate it.

So for today's post, I thought I'd talk about my final Art coursework piece. Now for those who don't know, I am currently in year 13 so this is my last year in secondary school. For this reason, I figured I should step out of my comfort zone a bit when it came to art. In the past I stuck to creating something that is 2D but this year I created something 3D.
So our overall theme was "Growth & Evolution" and then we had to choose a theme within this theme. I chose "Metamorphosis".

For my project, I focused a lot on the insects and actually filled in a concertina book where I went into detail of a few insects and the different stages they go through by drawing the process out using different techniques.

(Sorry for the blurred pic, I made it blurred so that my original image can't be copied)

What are you trying to portray to the viewer?
First of all, before you read my answer, look at my final piece and then think of your own answer to the question- no answer is wrong.

I want to portray to the viewer how we as humans put insects at risk. The huge rib cage represents us humans and the insects within this rib cage portrays how we are so dangerous to insects that we have trapped them in our mess. I also thought that the dull grey, black and blue colours of the rib cage contrast really well with the bright colours of the insects. So it's as if we are sucking the life out of the insects by using things such as insecticides etc. By using the word "we", I am not stating that all humans are a danger to insects but I believe many of us are. They are many ways we put an insects life at risk but we sometimes don't know that we are doing this.

Why insects?

I'm actually really scared of them. Wait, let me write that again. I was once very scared of insects so I thought that I should research something that I wasn't sure about it/what really scared me. After researching further, I've actually found that I'm not so scared anymore. More just cautious aha.
Insects, believe it or not, actually play a very significant role in our lives. 

Here is an example:

They benefit plants by pollinating flowers while feeding on their nectar which helps the seed production. Many of our food crops depend on moths as well as other insects to ensure a good harvest. So you thought it was only honey/ bumble bees that did this? Think again.
They also play a vital role in telling us about the health of our environment, like the canary in the coalmines who would sense if there are dangerous gases. 

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