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It's officially March! Wow, the year is definitely going by rapidly. But yay for spring soon and, hopefully, warmer weather!

So in this post I wanted to show you a few items that I have recently been loving...a lot! and when I say a lot, I mean A LOTT- no joke aha. This post is quite photo heavy because I thought I'd just show you guys rather than talking about each one which, may I say, would have been loong. I also tried taking flat lay photos of a few of the items which I'm starting to get into. Enjoy! 

Necklace with stone pendant: H&M
Candle: From a friend
Perfume: Little black dress
Beanie: H&M
White Musk Libertine perfume: The body shop
Body Spray: Little black dress
Body Cream: Little black dress
Moringa hand cream: The body shop

Beanie: H&M
Black&white striped jumper: H&M
Red jumper: Zara
Haute chocolate nail varnish: From a friend

Steal like an artist by "Austin Kleon" book: From my sister
Grey t-shirt: New Look
Grey turtle-neck jumper: New Look

Although I recommend all of the above items, I highly (highly!) recommend the book Steal like an artist. It's not just for those of you who may want to become artists, writers or photographers in the future, it talks about how it is normal for us to get influenced by things, and how nothing really is original- sound interesting yet? Honestly, it's such an amazing book and so are Austin Kleon's other books. He also has a tumblr account which is just "Austinkleon", and it's pretty cool too! I don't want to give much away so, those of you with curious minds...check it out!

I've thought for a long time about doing book reviews and I'm now thinking of doing one for this little book...hmm, we'll see about that aha.

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Psalm 105:2


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  1. i love this little black dress scent!
    ♡ chantelle | chanbelle

  2. Amazing post! I love your sweaters!

    xx Isabel

  3. Nice post! Love your sweaters!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  4. Nice blog! I love your jumpers, they are so cute!


  5. love the post! one of my favourite perfumes :)
    Catherine xx

  6. I need to get myself a beanie, you can never go wrong with those! And that necklace is really pretty! x

  7. Love the post

  8. Love the post

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