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I've never really done a post like this so I figured I'd try it out and if I end up liking it (or I can see some interest in it from you guys) then I'll create more blog posts like this in the future. I compiled a few outfit pieces such as the boots, the coat/jacket etc. to show you guys what I've realised and physically seen many people wearing towards the end of last year and into this new year. Click on the images if you want to see them in better quality!
I've also inserted the links of those outfit pieces so that you guys can check them out and maybe even buy them if you want!

The Boots

No. 1

Tan Suede Tassel Side Zip Block Heel Boots

A wardrobe isn't complete without a pair of ankle boots! and 'tan' has been very in this season. In the past, I would always wear black ankle boots just because it would go with my outfit really well but I've found that tan (or brown coloured boots) act as well as black ones because they still go with the outfit really well. Clearly many people have caught on with this trend.

No. 2
Ethan Flared Heel Over The Knee Boots

I know, and I'm sure you know, that nearly everyone owns a pair of over the knee boots. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I don't get through a day without seeing at least two or three people wearing boots similar to the above. I guess it makes sense because of the cold weather that we are experiencing here in England. But I totally see how it brings an outfit together while also keeping you warm.

The Coat/ Jacket

No. 1

Khaki Brushed Coat

This is what I call 'The Fashion Coat' and I would wear it if I'm going somewhere special or important. Most of the time during winter, you can go somewhere and then go home having left your coat on so no one gets to see the gorgeous outfit that you have on underneath. This coat acts as a statement piece.

No. 2

Khaki Sateen Bomber Jacket

The good ol' bomber! I remember how people used to wear them all the time when I was younger but then everyone just stopped wearing them. But recently I've seen loads of people wearing bomber jackets and brands such as H&M and New Look selling loads of them.

The Dress

No. 1

Ribbed Dress

This dress is soo soo cute and perfect for this time of year because of it's length and long sleeves. I've also recently been into wearing long dresses and, may I say, they really flatter any figure.


Fitted Dress

I would say that this is the perfect bodycon dress as it's not too tight like most bodycon dresses but it cinches in nicely in all the right places without you physically not being able to move aha.

The Jeans

No. 1

MOTO Grey Mom Jeans

Mom jeans have recently made a massive appearance and may even overtake the boyfriend jeans in the near future. Now, I didn't know what mom jeans were but I looked it up and what I understand from it is that it's like boyfriend jeans but it's more suited to women, as in it accentuates your curves. Perfect!

No. 2

MOTO Super Rip Jamie Jeans

The Jamie Jeans! Everyone has heard of them and from what I've seen, they're pretty cool and good quality! I personally wouldn't buy them just because of how expensive they are, but I've been on the look out for jeans that are really similar but for a cheaper price.

The Jumper

No. 1

Ribbed Turtleneck Top

I LOVE TURTLENECKS and I've seen so many people wearing them recently. What more can I say, they're amazing!

No. 2

Ribbed Cold Shoulder Top\

I've seen many people wear these recently and I just think that it really spices up an outfit because of the cut at the shoulders.

The Necklace

No. 1

Urban Renewal Vintage Surplus Tattoo Necklace

They were really big in the 90's and they've recently become big again! I've linked Urban Outfitters but I'm more than sure that you can also get them from ebay for like £2-£3 aha.

No. 2

Necklace With Stone Pendant

I find these pendant stone necklaces so fascinating and the main reason is that, depending on what shop you go to, each stone has a different cut so you can very easily be the only person to have that exact cut. I love the fact that you could own something that no one else has the exact same as. It makes it all the more special. I also find that these necklaces help to make any outfit look a bit more dressy or look as if you've put more effort into your outfit.

The Skirt

No. 1

MOTO Zip A-Line Skirt

I've seen a lot of people wearing clothes where the hardware is very noticeable and features as the main piece of the outfit. I think this just makes the item of clothing stand out more and look a bit different and more interesting rather than, for example, having a zip that no one except you will see.

No. 2

Cord Mini Skirt

This trend officially started in the 70s but recently made it's way to 2015 and now 2016 and, may I say, people are loving it. 

The Trainers

No. 1

Converse All Star Hi Leather Black Mono

I've seen soo many people wear trainers where the entire shoe is of the same colour and I just think that this looks so cool and helps the shoe to stand out. Those converses that you paid good, good money for, yes, people will actually notice them more!

No. 2

Vans Sk8 hi

I've heard so much about these and I just think that they are amazing quality and perfect for any outfit. It only makes sense to put these at the end of this post to finish it off strongly and I simply cannot tell you how much I love them! I saw them when they first came into shops and was just in awe but never got the chance to grab myself a pair. Now, I see so many people wearing them and I think I finally need to get them aha.

What have you seen people wearing a lot of this season?

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