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Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Campaigns

I've seen the upcoming spring/summer campaigns and I can totally say that some of them are absolutely breathtaking and just so inspiring to look at!! I wanted to share some of what you will be seeing, the trends, and what may be a source of inspiration for you.

1. Natalie Westling for Alexander McQueen

First of all, I'm loving the floral guys. I know it's a bit cliché to wear pastel or floral patterned clothing for spring and summer but that definitely does not mean that you shouldn't! I love how Sarah Burton (the designer at Alexander McQueen), has gone for a fairy-tale approach which is seen in the first two images. Ruffles, pleats and lace, what more would a fairy-tale princess wish for in a dress? From the black and white images, I still get a sense of a fairy-tale princess but this time a more unconventional approach which also seems to work really well.

 2. Anja Rubik for Iro

From this shoot for Iro, I get a rock and roll vibe due to the amount of leather I see aha! Iro have gone for a more edgy style for the spring and summer which I think is a very bold move to make.

3. Doutzen Kroes for Mugler

First of all, I love the industrial setting for this shoot which gives it more of a military vibe. I love how the clothes are more sculptured and fitted. From the photos, the viewer sees Doutzen embody a confident and powerful woman which is what many women strive to be.

4. Mica Arganaraz for Sandro

All the photos taken for this collection are in black & white which leaves the actual colours of the garments a mystery. How exciting! But I can already tell that I will still love the garments after the colours are revealed. The photos were taken on the streets of Paris which I'm not so surprised by because I get a Parisian vibe from the clothes anyway.

6. Matilda Lutz for Miu Miu

The photos taken against a grey backdrop ensure that the clothes really stand out.  Miu Miu purposefully used young actresses for this campaign to further push the fact that they are going for clothes with a youthful edge. I don't know why, but something about the clothes remind me of the clothes the actresses in St Trinians 2 wore (p.s I loove that movie!!).

7. Jemima Kirke for Current/Elliott

When I first saw the photos for this shoot I thought 'this is definitely 70s'. The shoot looks really effortless and relaxed and I also love how the photographers have gone for something that is more natural rather than a polished look that I always seem to see.

8. Marloes Horst, Stephanie Joy Field, Carolina Sanchez for Joie

This bohemian and hippie inspired campaign seems perfect for the spring and summer. If I could pull it off, I would definitely wear these clothes during the next 2 seasons aha. I love how it's in a natural setting and the floral clothes make it seem as if the models are the youthful flowers starting to blossom in time for spring.

9. Karlie Kloss for Topshop

After taking time off from the modelling scene to go face the books and go to university, Karlie Kloss is back and she's modelling for Topshop after having modeled for them 8 years ago. The clothes are edgy and scream confidence, I love it!

10. Signe Lund and Steffi Soede for Saint Laurent

I like the tiaras that are worn along with every outfit! and it surprisingly doesn't make the outfit look too feminine! Signe Lund still looks as edgy as ever. Do you see the correlation between the images of the model in the clothes and images of still life? I do, and yet I still see the slight juxtaposition which also works really well together. The elements of grunge along with the delicate tiara is what gives everything a balance.

11. Theory

I'm loving the modernised takes on the basics of a suit. The clothes are simple yet very effect! You get a sense of it being polished yet relaxed.



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  1. wow, this is quite an expressive and well crafted post. I definitely love the sandro outfits, but only because that is my usual taste. the Miu Miu is quite bold and creative as well. However, I love the fairytale motif that some designers have been using as you have shown in your post-- I'd like to see more of that in future clothing.

  2. Loving your collection of the spring & summer campaigns, very thorough! xx

  3. I love your collections. Different styles and crafts. Everything looks great.
    Good vibes, Fox
    check out my latest Vlog

  4. Great post and collection picks! I'm loving the new Iro collection, definitely some rock n roll vibes. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road