Celebrating 150 Years Of Alice In Wonderland

The publication of Alice in Wonderland is celebrating their 150 years of existing! and The British Library has put on a very exciting and interesting exhibition in honour of this.

Yes! that's right, Lewis Carroll's "Alice In Wonderland" is that old! I recently went to the exhibition in the British Library not really knowing what to expect but once I saw the display my actual reaction was "Woah!!" Now this isn't a massive exhibition, it's in the entrance hall of the British Library but it was still quite effective. I took some photos of parts of the exhibition but there was also an area that you were not allowed to take photos of so I suggest, if you're ever in London, why not visit the British Library. I regret to say that even though I've been living in England for most of my life now, I had never visited this world renowned library. Actually, there are many famous places in London that I still haven't visited, oops.

But back to the point of this blog post, there were so many amazing and exciting things that I found out about Alice In Wonderland, and seeing Lewis Carroll's original manuscript made it all the more real. From his original manuscript to computer games, there was clearly a wide array on display. There was also a pop-up shop that I swear featured nearly all of the different adaptations of Alice In Wonderland. Although I didn't buy any books, because they were just so damn expensive, I enjoyed looking at the covers and briefly flicking through them. Each one is just so different and aesthetically pleasing to look at!

Most of you don't know this but NOW you know, I love, love, love Alice In Wonderland! there, I said it.

Don't mind if I do aha.

The images below are basically some of the stages of the story. There was a wood box for each little stage and the viewer could, quite literally, navigate their way around it. Some of the surfaces were mirrored so you could see yourself along with the drawing from the book! Almost as if you were in Alice In Wonderland, but not quite.

This honestly reminded me of colourful krabby patties in that one episode of Spongebob aha

Below are a few general images of the actual library.

Once we had finished looking around, we found a table like one of the ones in this image, sat down, and just drew and drew. I was so inspired.

Above is a rough and unfinished mini sketch of Alice. I wasn't sure about the face so I just left it in pencil to be completed whenever I'm next free

You couldn't open the door to The King's Library but I really, really wanted to see what it looks like inside.

Isn't that the coolest bench you have ever seen in your entire life!?

A statue outside the British Library.

That building is just a really cool one I saw when standing outside

This exhibition is open until the 17th April so why not check it out at the weekend or during the Easter holidays? It's thought provoking and freeee.



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  1. I'd love to see that exhibition! Doesnt matter it isnt the biggest :D

    - LS

  2. Awww so fun!!!! I love Alice in Wonderland, and it's so interesting how you guys can experience this kind of exhibition!

  3. This looks like such a fun exhibit!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. Oh my god what a beautiful place! I'm a massive AIW lover and i wish i could be there! My life would be so complete after that. Looks amazing!
    thanks so much for sharing it! xx


  5. Ciao =) Your blog is always more and more beautiful. CONGRATS!
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