My Panic! At The Disco Concert Experience 12/01/16


As I'm writing this blog post I am just so happy because I had such an amazing time! I'm writing this blog post in a slightly different way to usual because it will literally be like a mini photo journal. Enjoy! :)

So sometime in November 2015, my friend and I got Panic! At The Disco tickets. The process of getting them was honestly one of the most stressful experiences I've ever had and, long story short, I nearly didn't get tickets even though my friend did so the whole thing may not have worked out. I was crying hahaha, but I'll reveal more of the process in my "Concert Guide" post. It will be on everything I've learned from concerts and things I wish I knew.
I had never been to a concert before because I wanted my first one to be an amazing band and... my dreams clearly came true.

I will go through the day in chronological order but I thought I'd start the photos off with this one simply because it was one of my favourite shots for aesthetic reasons :)

1. One of the first things we noticed when we got out of the train station was the makeshift memorial for David Bowie just across the road. Naturally, we had to go and see what was going on. There were so many photographers and news reporters since David Bowie's death was quite recent at the time. A lady even got a news reporter to point the camera at me while she asked me a question regarding David Bowie to which I replied "no sorry" because I didn't know what to say, and awkwardly walked away aha.

2. Upon arrival, my friend and I were slightly worried because we did not know how many people would already be there and we wanted to be very close to the front. We arrived around 6-7 hours early and when we got there, we were amazed to see so few people.

3. We then decided that it was still possible for us to go and get some food and make it back without too many people joining the growing line. We then got back to the line, which was still quite short, and we sat down and waited... (with food!! so everything was good).

4. We waited...

5. It unfortunately started to rain but security gave out these really cool (and funny looking) rain jackets which were nothing more than a massive plastic bag with holes in all the right places but, it did the job!

6. We could actually hear Panic! At The Disco performing from where we were sitting AHHH!! It was an exciting discovery.

7. I skipped a couple of hours for this post, but the photo below was when we were nearing the time to go in, so security made us all squeeze together.

8. So the bassist of the band, Dallon Weekes, somehow took this pic without any of us noticing and uploaded it on instagram *shocked emoji face* I literally saw this and freaked out inside!! This shows the front of line (it was much longer than this). We were standing somewhere near the front.

9. Hmmm, I wonder who did that...

10. And we're inside!! Some may say the scenery was tacky but I, however, really liked it.

11.  Now, for the actual concert, I told myself I wouldn't upload too many photos on in this post because, in reality, I took looooads. So I'm only gonna share a few. The opening act was Charley Marley who were a good band although the music wasn't really my taste. But the lead singer did well in getting us all in the concert mood.

12. Panic! got on and it was amazing! We were literally soo soo close to the front- the third row and sometimes second depending on how much we got pushed haha!

Until next time :)



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