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Recently, the weather in England has been totally amazing!! We've literally gone from 9˚ to 25˚ real quick, I just wanted to acknowledge that because we don't get this so often. But back to this post, I want to keep it short and simple unlike many other posts that I've done where I just ramble for ageees. As for the lighting in this post, I didn't want to use artificial lighting so by the time I got to taking the photos, it was already getting dark outside. But I'm still using these photos because I think the lighting gives them a slightly ghostly and artistic look which I weirdly like aha. 

Here are 2 formal outfits that you could wear to a wedding, party or, I don't know, the cinema? hahaha. What I'm implying is that you should wear what you want, when you want. 
The choice is yours :)



PSALM 94:18-19


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  1. The lighting does give them a ghosty/artistic look! Cute outfits ^_^

    Katie | Words By Katie

  2. amazing look :)

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  3. I'm such a big fan of lace and love this post! I wish it was lighter, but I do love the dark tones of the images because the dress is darker! xx