A Day In London

So, the weather in England has recently been suRprisingly pleasant. What instantly came to mind was "why not take advantage of this?" My friend and I decided to play tourist, in a city we knew really well, for the day. Literally the day! We went everywhere!!
I know that a lot of you guys reading my blog posts are not from the UK so I thought I'd show you guys what London has the potential of looking like when there is actual really good weather (a very rare occurrence indeed).

And so... the day starts on the train where I spot a Shakespeare sonnet

These escalators were as steep as they looked

And, like magic, we were in Oxford Street

The first shop we went into was Zara, because of the sale hahaha

Then the most amazing Lush store, ever!

And wandered onto Piccadilly circus...

Then, we wandered through the little alleyways in search of a cool place to eat, eat, eat!

Ended up at Wahaca in Covent Garden! (The sweet potato chunks are TO DIE FOR!)

Then onto Trafalgar square

And the National gallery

The Playhouse theatre

There were soo many people that it was impossible to take a photo of something without random faces taking centre stage aha

Big ol' Ben!

We walked to St James' park to rest after walking around for agees

Buckingham palace!!

We also went to Hyde Park and China Town but I forgot to take pics. But honestly, if you're thinking about going to London or even coming to the UK, then do it. There's just so much to see and do!

PSALM 55:22


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  1. I've never been in the Lush store on oxford street... I know, I'm missing out!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. This post is amazing XD keep up with your amazing posts xx can't wait to read more posts soon XP