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Disneyland Paris Adventures

As promised, a blog post on my Disneyland adventures! 

It started with my brother, sister and I talking about how we'd love to go to Disneyland Paris again, or at least just Paris because Disneyland is damn expensive! Then, on a random day, I told my dad that we didn't have to go to Disneyland and he surprised me by saying that he had already booked tickets!

Just wanted to give a bit of background info before I get into this post aha. So for this post I just wanted to post loads and loads of photos and maybe talk a bit about little moments that had happened :)

Upon arrival, were greeted by these men who proceeded to play some lovely music

I was wearing shorts, I promise haha

There was a train that could take you to different places in Disneyland which was super useful because it's such a huge place so the train ride probably saved us a 15-20 minute walk.

This shop was literal Christmas goals!

I went on the 'Space Mountain' ride which was totally not how I expected it to be. I guess I should have put 2 and 2 together when I was standing in line and they had sent the ride off by itself two times to check if it was 'safe enough'. It was safe alright, but all the spinning and going upside down didn't make my experience as pleasant as I would have hoped it would be.

Alice's Curious Labyrinth- I was soo excited to go there since I love, love, love Alice in Wonderland! I talk about more of my love for Alice in Wonderland in this blogpost

This was an indoor boat ride which was basically showing different kinds of people around the world. This is the only ride I remember from when we went to Disneyland agees ago and we ended up going on the ride around 3 times at that time because of how much we enjoyed it.

There was also a Frozen sing-a-long and it honestly felt like being back at school and everyone sitting in the assembly room. But obviously it was A LOT better because there were actors and singers and everyone from the audience was singing along too! They even released fake snow at some point which was pretty AMAZING.

Then there was the parade! Pretty much all of the Disney characters came down the long winding road. It was definitely worth the 30-40 minute wait.

All of the characters engaged with the audience really well :)

Mickey's dressing room

There's normally a firework display at the end of the day and we thought it would start at 10pm but it turned out that it was starting at 11pm. From researching online beforehand (basically watching Disneyland vlogs aha),  we saw that people normally start reserving their spaces 2 hours before, 2 HOURS! and it wasn't sitting down, we were all standing around. But once the firework display actually started, we realised it was definitely worth the wait.

At some point, they were projecting a few villain scenes from various Disney movies and they shot fire up into the sky to further portray that. We weren't standing that close to the castle yet we honestly felt the fire like it was right next to us.



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  1. I'm so jealous you went to Disney Land!! I have so many memories there as a child haha but I haven't been since I was very young. Do you have instagram? Mine is @louisefrancescaa if you want to follow each other! XX

    The Fashion