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Paris, je t'aime

So I'm finally uploading a few of my Paris photos! Paris is such a beautiful city and I'm sad I didn't take more photos than I did. I highly recommend going to Paris as there's just so much to see and do. The food is delicious and the casual sidewalk café's make you feel like you're in a movie. From the Eiffel tower to the Notre Dame, Paris is a city for everyone.

First stop, the Eiffel tower

And up we went!

The Parisian buildings are literal works of art

Check out my last post for my Disneyland Paris adventures

PSALM 46:10


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  1. I've never been to Paris but I really wanna go there. Amazing post!

    I'm doing a Q&A on my blog soon. If you want, you can leave your question on my latest post. Thank you so much for your time.

    I hope you are having a lovely day.

    Jeff. x | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

  2. Beautiful shots, can't wait to be back in Paris! x

  3. These pictures are lovely! I went to Paris years ago on a high school trip and I don't think I fully appreciated its beauty back then, I'd love to go back! xxx

  4. These photos are beautiful! Paris is such a lovely city. Would love if you could check out my new post?

    The Fashion

  5. Your pictures are gorgeous, I just went on a trip to Paris over the festive season as well and loved it.