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Spring Has Sprung

It's that time of year again! Spring is officially here and I am so excited to finally experience warmer weather. In England this week, Spring has blessed us with nothing but sunshine and blue skies, and I would love for that to continue (pretty please Spring!). Along with a new season comes a new Inspiration's blog post. But remember, spring doesn't just have to be all about the florals!

// Spring Fashion // 

For me, Spring so far has been all about the general muted colours along with pretty decorative edging

S T R I P E S  O N  S T R I P E S 

C O L D  S H O U L D E R
Zara / Off-the-shoulder halter top

C O T T O N  D E T A I L S
Urban Outfitters / Marjery fit and flare cross-back dress

R U F F L E  H E A V E N
 Urban Outfitters / Raine striped festival blouse

F E E L I N G  B L U E 
Zara / Frilled jumpsuit

Zara / Batwing sleeve sweatshirt

L I L A C  W O N D E R
Topshop / Hooded rain mac

 L I G H T  &  A I R Y
Zara / Polin sleeve sweatshirt

F R I L L S  F O R  D A Y S
Topshop / Crop frill raw jacket

And last but not least, this lil black number! I tried my hardest not to include any black clothes but I failed, sorry guys!

S P O T S  G A L O R E
Topshop / Spot mesh tulle prom dress

PSALM 18:2


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  1. Oh I do love Spring. Summer is approaching and I need skinny legs again! hehe

    1. Aha same! Currently attempting to go to the gym on a regular basis :')

  2. Love your selection!

    Vanessa x |

  3. Love all the colors of these!

  4. I'm in need of a wardrobe refresh and looking forward to spring trends now xx

    Jenny | X

    1. Me too! I love the trends I've seen so far xx

  5. the current spring fashion is just everything i want. i love all the ruffles, big sleeves and off shoulders.

    1. Exactly! I absolutely love it x

  6. So many ideas and inspo! Great!
    With love,

  7. Your blog is fabulous!