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A strong desire to travel.

Lately, all I've been thinking about is whether I am well educated or not. Now I don't mean academically educated where I have to excel in a particular subject at uni but whether I have a well-rounded knowledge of the various cultures around me. School is different. You have a strict daily routine where you go in, learn what you have to learn, and interact (mainly) with the people in your year group. A big thing uni has taught me is that there's more than meets the eye. I will probably come across someone from a different part of the world a lot more at uni than any other time in my whole life. But am I just gliding by not fully taking it all in?

Yes, I believe education is important but learning (and experiencing) all the different cultures around me is equally as important. I've visited a few countries and each time, I learn something new whether it is about the culture, the history, or the people. As I am in full-time education, I don't really have time to travel all the time (fingers crossed I'll be able to travel for my job after uni!), and so I try my absolute best to habitually get to know as many foreign students as I can. I help them to feel at home as well as improve their english while they teach me about their home country.

In September this year I will be going to Zürich, Switzerland to study there for the Autumn term (until December) and I honestly couldn't be more excited than I am to study abroad. I hope that my time abroad will give me a different perspective of things in life. I'm sure it will leave me with many unforgettable experiences and stories :)

Don't get me wrong, traveling does NOT just mean going abroad though! Different areas of England are so beautiful in their own way. I always say that a place is made by the people who reside inside of it.

Below are some photos of a few places out of many I have visited, both in and outside of the UK. I've chosen some of my favourite photos to share with you guys.

Copenhagen, Denmark

(My favourite country in the world!)
Camden, England

Paris, France

London, England

Reading, England

Berlin, Germany

Tönder, Denmark

Shanklin, Isle of Wight

Berlin, Germany

Winchester, England

A few from all over

Where is your favourite place in the world?

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  1. You've travelled to quite a few places! I really love that first picture :-) I'm kind of sad that I never travelled abroad to study, I'm still looking forward to travelling in general but travelling to study means that you're mostly meeting a collection of like minded and also people of the same age group as you! It must be so interesting to meet so many different people of different cultures/backgrounds and hear their stories. It's also lovely that you make such an effort to make other people feel welcome/at home!

    Xo Gemma
    Sunday Somewhere

    1. I'm hoping to visit so many more too. Thanks! really love that one too :) Denmark is beautiful. It's true and I'm really looking forward to that :) but you still have so many opportunities to explore different countries too! Yes! It definitely is! Uni is such a diverse place and everyone's story is so different, its amazing
      Thank you so much :) x

  2. This post makes me realize I definitely need to travel more!

    1. Aha I'm glad! Traveling is such an amazing and worthwhile thing to do :)

  3. Ahhh the dream is to travel more! Love the post x