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Why "GET OUT" is a movie everyone should watch

I debated with myself whether I should or shouldn't post this but I figured if you're interested read it, if not, you don't have to. I just felt compelled to write about it.

So recently I watched Get Out without a clear idea of what to expect. All I really knew for sure was that is was a horror/comedy movie about race. I'm going to try my absolute best to get through this post without any spoilers (haha!). Initially, this compelled me to watch the movie because a movie like this had never been created before. Nowadays, I feel that movies are pretty much ALWAYS the same. An example I'll give is Wonderwoman. Now, don't get me wrong, Wonderwoman is a pretty amazing movie but what struck a chord with me was the "love" aspect. I feel like there's a pressure for directors to nearly always include a relationship between the main characters. Unless there's a particular reason for there to be a love aspect, like in Get Out, you really don't need it. Yes I guess it makes the movie seem more realistic but, at the same time, it diminishes the worth or value of what the movie is really trying to portray to the viewer. Obviously, if it's a romantic movie then this would be inevitable but if it's lets say an action movie, I think the action is enough. You don't need the main characters to have a 5 minute make-out scene. You really don't.

Back to why Get Out is a movie everyone should watch... it's because it highlights real situations that real people go through. This is done through the perspective of Chris (the protagonist). Racism is a very current issue which I believe needs to be addressed a hell of a lot more than it is. Jordan Peele (director) does this so well without it having the feel of a serious movie that makes it hard for the viewer to relate to it because they are too busy trying to uncover what's going on. The movie is tense, but the horror and comedy aspect brings it to a level where you understand and acknowledge the racism that is taking place in a way that doesn't dramatically throw it in your face. Also, this was Jordan Peele's first movie and, may I say, it certainly did not seem this way. I think this comes from the fact that he could relate to this movie on a much deeper level because he's black, but also because he has sheer talent of course! I could also very much relate to certain aspects of the movie and so the movie made me feel like a weight had been lightened. By this I mean that the weight has not entirely been lifted, it's very much still there, but a situation I had experienced had been brought to light. This movie beautifully executes the awkwardness black people feel when seemingly harmless comments are hurled towards us. I love how Jordan Peele stated in an interview the fact that when these comments are made, most of the time it is with good intentions. It's a way of finding a common ground but the movie makes clear that it doesn't come across in this way. I highly recommend this movie to everyone because it's a freaking amazing movie displaying very real issues but in a way that makes it intriguing and also fun to watch. It hopefully opens the eyes to the fact that racism can sometimes also occur without the intention of being racist. In the midst of the movie addressing issues between white and black people, this doesn't serve to divide ethnicities but to bring them together. I resonated with Chris so much and I hope that people watching would come to realise what it is like being black (or any other minority), and how racism can so easily be avoided if both sides clearly understood how the other is feeling.

So I wanted to keep this post short and sweet. Just my personal thoughts on the movie :)
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